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Teaming sessions

For invited HIS expert to share industry experience and collaborate with the students by leverage on DHARC specialized ICT assets and students’ innovation.

Training sessions

With customized content for mentorship for in person and online training regarding digital health technologies, standards all designed for speed and high-impact learning

Tooling sessions

To develop and support open source software components and platforms that help 3rdparty software solutions to be implemented based on standards of eHealth interoperability profiles.


Security and Privacy

There shall be physical, logical, and administrative controls that protect data from unauthorized disclosure, access, and use, as per the standard operating procedures and in adherence to the Kenya Data Protection Act, 2013.

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The principle of preservation of information in the context of the eHealth domain calls for preservation of medical records and medical information held in an electronic format.


We shall therefore promote the sharing of health solutions, concepts, frameworks, and specifications with interested parties. Such will be clearly documented on a case by case within the intellectual property agreement -IPA.

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We shall strive to promote openness in the interoperability context. To this end, technical specifications, software and software development methods will be developed jointly (using international standards) and the results should allow for interconnection, reusability and sharing, thus contributing.


Principle of a use case approach is suggested as DHARC’s business model for engaging the eHealth stakeholders, so as to address the challenge of complexity of eHealth related requirements.


By presenting data in a scientific way, it is possible to see the gaps and engineer appropriate responses

My working life has been greatly improved. Using maps, it is easier to pass information and create conversations that yields targeted action.


The Health Informatics Governance and Data Analytics (HIGDA) training programme to empower county health information officers on the use of geographical information system (GIS) in analysis and presentation of health data, is bearing results. A review by participants on integration of GIS in healthcare provision, revealed that the training has enabled the heath officers to approach routine tasks in ingenious ways with corresponding positive outcomes.

A section of HIGDA beneficiaries at the close of GIS training